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We have good news for you! If you already have: Stay short

Hotels for a few hours

You booked a hotel room and paid for the entire night when you only needed a few hours or a day? We assume that most of us did it … ..
Would you like to use the hotel lounge, swimming pool or other luxury services in an upscale hotel? You need to book the full night of the hotel room to benefit from these services?
You arrived at an hotel early in the morning, right after your flight. Will you wait at the hotel reception until check-in time? However, we understand that it is not at all delicious …
Waited at the airport for hours to fly early in the morning? We have all been there.
Have you ever wanted to take a break while you take a nap and are looking for a good quality room?
At Bag2Bag, we have spoken to hundreds of our customers across India, including business cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, as well as pilgrimage cities such as Katra, Tirupati, Shirdi, Varanasi, Amritsar, Rameshwaram . We found a big challenge to solve.

Budget-friendly hotels for you

Why should we book a hotel room for a full price if we only need the room for a few hours? Use it just for daytime.
To solve this puzzle, we contacted many of our hotel partners and proposed a new concept. That is, provide hotel rooms by the day or for a limited number of hours, namely 3 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, etc. Book hotels near major pilgrimage cities, transit points near airport and bus stations, on the main motorways.

We’ve talked to a lot of people. Then, we launched several pilot projects to understand what it would take for a customer to book a room per hour or day. Ultimately, we’re rolling out our very first version of Hourly Bookings & Stay short.
We divided room availability into slots (3-hour pack, 6-hour, 9-hour, etc.) and added an early check-in to each hotel.

This has been extended to our entire user base on:

Bag2Bag mobile app (iOS and Android)
Bag2Bag Office Website
So, next time you need a hotel room for a few hours, try the Bag2Bag Time Booking feature and save a lot of money!

All you need to look for is a time-reservation logo on the hotels page or apply the time-reservation filter in your search and you’re done! you can book rooms for only a few hours

Believe us, this concept is no longer foreign to India and thousands of people adopt it day by day.

Be a smart traveler and have a nice stay 🙂

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