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Delhi city is known for its irresistible beauty. The intact combination of heritage and modern attractions makes Delhi the most-loved tourist spot in the country. Different culture, delectable foods, bustling bazaars, modish cafes, and lively pubs present in Delhi will awe you endlessly. After that, the vibrant festivals that happen throughout the year can drench you in utmost joy. There are many best areas in Delhi, the capital city of India. Delhi offers an endless number of sightseeing options to enrapture visitors. 

Though the capital city boasts the brisk lifestyle, Delhi can still delight the visitors with its lively ambience. From cultural sites to new-fashioned cityscape, you can ultimately revel in the city for long hours. You can look for an inimitable experience if you visit with your dear one. Travellers usually face much trouble in finding suitable hotels. Therefore, Bag2Bag offers hourly hotels for day use in Delhi.


The region offers superior residential spaces for locals. Saket holds the initially built multiplex theatre in the country. Besides, world-class medical centres, educational institutions, posh restaurants find a spot in Saket. To satiate your shopping desires, visit malls like DLF Place, Select Citywalk, and so on. Saket Sports Complex provides excellent amenities for sports like cricket, badminton, tennis, etc. If you have arrived in Saket at night, then book hourly hotels for night use via Bag2Bag.

Golf Links

Golf Links is one of the best areas in Delhi. The region shares a closer connection with India Gate, Supreme Court, and the Delhi Golf Course. Luxurious and safe house properties are plentiful in Golf Links. Also, Golf Links is renowned for being noise and pollution-free locality. Bag2Bag offers an extensive list of hourly hotels and day use hotels in Golf Links. 

Sundar Nagar

Sundar Nagar lies near Old Fort and Zoological Park. An affluent area in Mathura Road, Sundar Nagar boasts several art galleries and handicrafts shops. In addition, the locality houses various classy restaurants that offer a pleasant dining experience. Drench in the unhurried atmosphere of this lovely region! To make the hotel booking process easier for couples, Bag2Bag offers couple friendly hotels in Sundar Nagar.    

Greater Kailash 

Greater Kailash is known as the most fitting residential neighbourhood in Delhi. However, the M-Block Market has brought more popularity to Greater Kailash. Well-established eateries, world-class brand stores and chic cafes bedeck the streets of Greater Kailash. The suburb comprises elegant and gigantic apartments near the market area. If you need hotels for few hours in Greater Kailash, then Bag2Bag can help you in this regard.

Hauz Khas Enclave

Hauz Khas is another extravagant locality in Delhi. The vestige of Mughal architecture and other historical buildings beautify this area. Besides bragging a deep history, Hauz Khas is also a place studded with modern structures. The highly acclaimed Deer Park and Lake retain the natural charm of Hauz Khas. The region is currently attracting a huge number of avid backpackers and other tourists.

Model Town

A well-off locality, Model Town is situated close to Delhi University. The region hosts Alpana Cinema, a prominent cinema hall and landmark of Model Town. In addition, an alluring Naini Lake snuggles in Model Town offers a calm ambience and boating facilities. Meanwhile, you can enjoy booking day use hotels in Model Town via Bag2Bag. This posh and sparkling locality shares the best connectivity with other important regions.

Defence Colony

Defence Colony is located in the centre of Delhi and easily accessible from other prime localities. Wide streets, dazzling parks, opulent buildings are abundant in Defence Colony. Also, the region is praised for its restaurants, bakeries, and cafes. In the interim, you can book hourly hotels in Defence colony to fit your purposes. Above all, amazing art galleries and various historical monuments make Defence Colony an appealing region.

New Friends Colony

A yet another thriving locality, New Friends Colony hosts some wealthy apartments. The star attraction in New Friends Colony is The Surya Luxury Hotel. The suburb also has various chic cafes, restaurants, and pubs. Bag2Bag has amassed many hourly hotels in New Friends Colony to serve travellers. The eminent personalities of India live here in New Friends Colony.

Delhi is full of colours and history. Above all, the best areas in Delhi provides a comfortable living environment and boasts delectable cuisine.


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