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The entire globe is getting through grievous times. Panic and uncertainty have ruled over people without any difference all around the world. Lockdown has shattered the normal operations of the travel and hospitality sector. Apparently, travelling to a distant place is unimaginable amid this unsettled situation. But methods of giving rein to your travel fervour at home are endless! Experience the elation of exploring the world by sitting on your couch. Getaway with these dreary hours without leaving your home by wandering online.

Luxuriate in the astounding cityscapes, breathtaking mountains, lush greeneries, pristine water, and many more while staying indoors. Like everyone else in the world, you might have aborted your present travel plans. Then, what ideas do you have in mind to fuel your wanderlust? You can consider these inspiring ideas to gratify your yearning for travel. 

Reminisce your old adventures 

Dwelling upon your travel memories can be more exhilarating than your actual travel. If you are an avid traveller, then chances are, you have some amazing stories to bring out. Look back to your offbeat adventures! No matter how much time has elapsed, adventures remain fresh always. Memoirs, pictures, videos, and similar things from your past journey will bask you in the utmost delight. You might have come across some charming persons during your journey and now it’s time to relive the conservation that happened between you and them. Overall, it’s a blissful journey into your minds.

Reminisce your old adventures

Instagram is your new world

Undoubtedly, one of the cool ways to explore new exciting places which will offer you real-time travel experience. Instagram is brimming with colourful and surreal pictures captured across the world. Appealing images taken from different parts of the world will surely induce the inner adventurer in you. It simply inspires you to backpack without any further wait! If you follow the accounts of travel zealots, you can simply revel in the astonishing contents. The dazzling landscapes, raw and jaunty emotions, heavenly mountains, and so on can satiate your travel cravings currently in a striking manner.

Instagram is your new world

Watch the fascinating Indian travel shows

There are plenty of travel shows set in India to showcase extreme adventures. You can precisely experience the mesmerizing Indian backdrops. The travel shows like Way Back Home, TVF Tripling, Kalki’s Great Escape, Highway On My Plate, Away From Home, and GottaDoIndia will feed your wanderlust endlessly. Each travel show is unique in the means of ideas, landscapes, and content. Binge-watch these travel shows and be shifted to the dreamy lands of Himalayas, witness the spellbinding Indian roads, savour the delicious highway foods, etc. Sit on your couch and travel through various regions of India. Until you backpack, you can get some refreshing travel ideas from these travel shows and one of the best ways of wandering online.

Indian travel shows

Master a new foreign language

One of the effective ways to mingle with locals whenever you travel. Don’t be a foreigner to the land you visit, be one among them. You can hear some interesting stories about the place so easily if you know the language. It will dismiss fear of getting into a foreign land and open unconventional doors to your adventure. Also, learning a new foreign language is a rejoicing activity. From this, you will get to know something deep about the tradition, food culture, etc. about the foreign land. Best way to learn a language is to build the conversation from day one. With the myriads of online resources available, you can learn easily. 

Master a new foreign language

Wandering online may not be as intriguing as a real-life journey. But, to stay safe and cheerful during this lockdown, this is the best we can do to explore the world. 

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