Bannerghatta Zoo – A Must Visit in Bangalore

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Once I visited the Bannerghatta National Park and zoo. We chose the Friday to visit this place since the week ends are usually very crowded. Also, the school was closed for kids yesterday. Since I am quitting my job and doing business from home, I could choose any day for outing!

Trip starts here..

We started from home about 9:30 am. The park and zoo are located very close to the city. Thanks to the NICE Road, we reached the place within 30 minutes. At the entrance of the park, we paid the parking fees of Rs 15. After paying the parking fees, we drove another 100 meters to the parking area. Just before reaching the official parking area, there is a private restaurant and they stopped us guiding us to the hotel saying that is the parking place for cars and two wheelers.

Parking place

We were confused a bit but we quickly noticed the official parking place bit ahead. We were the first people to reach the parking area, which was empty at that time. However, we realized there were many others already entered the park and they all fell for the trap by the private restaurant. (The private restaurant do not charge anything for the parking, but they just want to promote their business and other entertainments like horse riding, kids play/activities etc).

There is a public bus stand just in the entrance of the Bannerghatta National Park. There were many buses from the city coming and going, which make it easy for people to visit the place even if they don’t have a car.  

After parking, we walked towards the park. The ticket counter is located at the entrance of the park. We purchased the tickets and walked into the park and waited in the queue for the Safari. One bus just left the place before we could walk-in. It took about 30 minutes waiting to get in to the next Safari.

The great safari at Bannerghatta National Park and Zoo

White Tiger in Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore Pic Courtesy: Unsplash

It was one of a kind experience for our family. We saw several animals including lions, tigers, bears, different types of deers, elephants, bisons and white tigers very close to the bus. The bears were blocking the road and our driver had a tough time getting through the jungle without hurting them. The lions walked away when the bus approached them, but the tigers did not look very friendly when kids laughed and screamed at them! The tour guide was asking all kids to be silent when the tiger was close to the bus

Overall, it was a great safari. We all enjoyed the Bannerghatta National Park visit. It was really worth the time and money for all of us. Kids really enjoyed watching the animals so close.

Best time to visit Bannerghatta National Park and Zoo

I don’t think there is any specific season to visit this place. Since seasons are not very prominent in India, any time of the year would be fine. My only suggestion is to avoid week-ends and holidays since the park will be very crowded during those days.

Opening Hours: 9:30AM – 5PM
Safari Timings: 10:00AM – 4:30 PM

Safari charges and Zoo admission charges

I have seen many websites showing different rates for the Safari at Bannerghatta National Park in Bangalore. Here is the correct safari charges.

Jeep Safari (zoo+safari+butterfly park+camera) – ₹3500/-
AC Bus Safari (Zoo + Safari)- Adult : ₹500/-
AC Bus Safari (Zoo + Safari)- Children : ₹300/-
Non-AC Bus Safari (Zoo + Safari) – Adult: ₹280/-
Non-AC Bus Safari (Zoo + Safari) – Children : ₹140/-
Camera Stills: ₹25/-
Video Charge: ₹200/-
Boating Fee: ₹60/-

Cross check the rates here

Discounts and coupons for safari and zoo admission.

I have not seen any printable coupons for the Bannerghatta zoo or safari. However, there are few discount options:

There is 50% discount for school students. So you are travelling with school carry their school id cards. You won’t get the discounts without the school id cards.

There is some discount for senior citizens. If you are travelling with old parents, carry some age proof to avail this discount.

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