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The whole of India is locked down. All are staying at home and for many, this situation may be new. Though it almost looks similar to summer vacation, you can’t take your kids anywhere outside to some incredible destinations in India. Are you finding any difficulty in killing time when you stay inside? Then, why can’t you sit with your families and friends to watch some interesting travel movies? Those movies will arouse the inner adventurer in you! If this period really worries you without travelling, you can experience the stunning sceneries via these travel movies.

These movies not only entertains you but also urges you to follow your dream. It doesn’t matter how many times you watch these movies, it will offer you different perceptions every time and make you more thoughtful. To seek extreme wanderlust, binge watch these fascinating travel movies.

The Motorcycle Diaries

The film touches upon the real-life chronicles of Che Guevara. He and his friend set out for a bumpy bike ride across Latin America. Though the initial intention of Che was seeking fun and adventure, the journey doesn’t end in the same way. This ride has unlocked new doors in his life which turned on him towards revolutionary thoughts. The Motorcycle Diaries captures the stunning visuals of South America like Miramar, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Venezuela, and Patagonia.  If you are an avid bike rider, then this movie is for you. 

Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime

Into the Wild

Inspired by the true story of Christopher McCandless, a fresh college graduate who detaches himself from normal life. To begin a new exciting life, he finds his way deep in the wilderness of Alaska. During his journey, he encounters different kinds of people with intriguing life stories. He hitchhikes through pristine Colorado river, craggy white peaks, and similar backdrops. He dwells in a  little enchanting van amidst the verdant greeneries. This film can force you to travel endlessly with absolute zest!   

Available on: Netflix

The Bucket List

Two free-spirited ailing patients run away from the cancer ward to explore new places. They enjoy their life on their own terms even at the brink of their existence. These two men embark on a journey to gain new impelling experiences by checking their bucket list. In the course of their expedition, they share an unimaginable and natural friendship. They take you to the breathtaking sceneries around the world and engage you with their frolicsome behaviours. You can revisit your life and add those colourful flavours after watching this movie.

Available on: Netflix

Under the Tuscan Sun

To deal with desolation occurred due to her divorce, a middle-aged woman relocates to Italy to begin a new chapter in her life. Surrounded by the luscious wine backyards, resounding hills, lively streets, she decides to buy a villa under the warmth of a Tuscan sun. The villa that she buys is not so appealing which requires full refurbishment, yet a heartwarming place to experience new life. You might have had a plan of visiting Italy already but this movie will make you stay forever there. 

Available on: Amazon Prime

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

A man fantasizes for an invigorating lifestyle to evade the dreary walks of life. When he came to know that his job is not guaranteed, he gets off to a journey filled with high spirits. The impressive sceneries of Greenland and Iceland will leave you in awestruck. The adventure further extends to the soaring white hill ranges of Himalayas. Gleeful pictures all around the movie with a twist of spectacular travel!

Available on: Amazon Prime, Netflix

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These movies will awake your inner soul for sure! To witness the life you haven’t lived before, just watch these incredible travel movies. What movies are you watching today? Please share in comments and let the world know about your travel movies experience!!

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