Travelling more during this festive season? Visit these places during the long weekend!

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Travel places in India

The festive season begins in India!! After all the doom and gloom in the year, here comes a time to celebrate and travel as before. The whole nation looks colourful amid various festivals, and people are eager to catch the exuberant vibes. Travellers have had a hard time locking behind doors most of the year. So, many will be desiring to hit the roads, climb the mountains, visit the tranquil beaches on this holiday season. Frequent long weekends can only add to the joy of travellers! 

Family gatherings, Friends reunions, escaping monotonous life, etc. There are too many reasons to travel across enchanting destinations in India. Choose the best hourly hotels with Bag2Bag Rooms to experience safe and flexible accommodation. A perfect stay is guaranteed for all travellers at minimal prices!  


Goa has much more to offer beyond beaches and glamorous nightlife. The place is already full of life, gets further exciting during this festive season. Goa is one of the most versatile destinations with its ever-charming beaches, flavoursome food, vintage churches, natural escapes, and islands. Travellers can relish the lazy charm of Goa while also experiencing the effervescent aura! Go fishing in the local islands, visit the authentic Goan bakeries to savour delicious pastries, and witness the visual treat of sunrise and sunset. Ride bicycles in the quiet routes of Goa bedecked with greeneries and coconut groves! Bag2Bag Rooms provide the ideal stay for leisure travellers to enrich the overall experience. 

vintage churches in Goa


The sparkling metropolitan lifestyle, lush gardens, and pleasant weather highly appeal to travellers. You can find some quirky burger joints, microbreweries, and enticing street food options in every corner of the city. Bangalore is nothing but heaven for real food lovers! Spend your leisure time in the biggest shopping malls in the city. Popular natural getaways are only a few hours drive away from the city centre. Bangalore inspire romance with its never-ending charm and idyllic spots. Book couple friendly hotels in Bangalore via Bag2Bag Rooms during the long weekends. 



The city of dreams, Mumbai, exhibits the contrasting nature of sophisticated urban lifestyle and crammed slums. From exquisite beaches, marine drive to scintillating nightlife, options are endless in the city. Mumbai offers a mesmerizing sight of the city lit up at night during the festival time! Jubilant people on the streets celebrate the famous festivals with great vigour. An array of bustling bazaars and international brand outlets adorn the streets to attract shopaholics. If you are looking for cosy accommodation, book the pay by hour hotels via Bag2Bag Rooms in Mumbai

Bag2Bag Rooms in Mumbai


The most ostentatious heritage city, Jaipur, is dotted with magnificent palaces and forts. The dazzling architecture and art galleries in the streets proudly represents the valour of the Rajput kingdom. Walk down memory lane in Jaipur! This attractive pink city is known for its warm hospitality. A trip to Jaipur is incomplete without beholding the sunrise and sunset from the popular forts. Explore the colourful lanes of Jaipur to indulge in shopping. Also, buy authentic handicrafts and decorative fabrics at unbelievable prices! Book hotels for few hours in Jaipur to relax after hanging out in the city.

Rajput kingdom Jaipur


Brimming with lush and scenic spots, Manali is one of the astonishing bucket list destinations in India. This ravishing hill station welcomes honeymooners, backpackers, and adventure enthusiasts all around the year. Climb the peak and feast your eyes with panoramic hill views. Take a much-needed break and spend your time amid the peaceful environment! Manali is home to adrenaline rush activities such as paragliding, skiing, trekking, and so on. It’s time to unleash the adventure! 

visit in Manali

Travel to these exciting destinations and add more colours to life during the upcoming long weekends.

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