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Your stay is made flexible and budget-friendly when you choose hourly hotels in India with Bag2Bag Rooms. You can even book hotels for 1 hour for any purpose!

Amazing city of Bangalore

The most thriving localities in Bangalore for a cosy living

The city of Bangalore still preserves the traditional appeal and culture despite facing huge advancements. The unrivalled growth of IT industries has expanded Bangalore beyond its boundaries. Voguish restaurants, unique-themed cafes, pubs and shopping...
Go on a solo Trip

Solo travel: Why should you take it at least once?

People’s zeal for travel never fades! Travel opens up a new perspective and inspires people to bond with the world. Nowadays, people are fond of travelling alone to experience a road full of adventures....
Microcations new way of Travelling

Staycations|Daycations|Microcations- Evolving way of vacation in India!!

In recent times, travellers of this age have unfolded a new way of taking a vacation. That’s microcations! The excitement for going on a long vacation is certainly falling off. And more travellers begin...
Money saving tips on hotel booking

Tips to save huge on hotel bookings

Are you ready to pack your bags for the next destination? In order to experience a soothing journey, accommodating in a safer and pocket-friendly hotel environment is crucial. Ultimately, the hotel provides a gentle...
Just Keep on Going

Travel is up for a massive change post lockdown

The pandemic has caused severe disruption globally. Especially, the travel sector endured the toughest phase due to the lockdown. With people have slowly started to come out of their homes now, travel resumes but...
Go on a Road Trip

The essentials of road trips to make it so fascinating

The Spectacular roads in India invite many adventure travellers to take a road trip. A road trip is filled with ultimate fun, thrill, and a sense of flexibility. Steer through the stunning roads that...
Travel Safety

Precautions while you step out to travel again

The world is slowly returning to the original colour after having suffered enough for a period of 4 months. To escape from the infection, even the people locked themselves behind the doors. Now, the...