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New Hotel Trends

Measures for hotels to attract guests despite pandemic situations

India has experienced massive suffering since the initial onslaught of Covid-19 in 2020. The nation had to withstand the serious crisis, especially in the healthcare system. With the sinking of several businesses in India, Covid-19 has shaken up the economy. The hotel industry is not an exception to escape the pandemic. However, the nation moves towards easing the lockdown restrictions to help rebuild the businesses. The vaccine rollout across the country also encourages people to step out of their homes without any...

Adventure activities in India

7 Adventure activities in India for thrill-seekers

Is wanderlust hitting you hard? Then, it’s time to ignite new adventures!! India beckons adventure lovers with its undulating terrains, gushing river streams, mesmerizing trekking paths, and frightening roads. The presence of distinct adventure...

The most attractive lakes to visit in India

Are you dreaming of incredible places to visit amid lockdown blues? Then, you can go and explore the lakes in the country that are purely magical. Lakes in India presents an enchanting view with...

Plan a Sustainable Tourism

Plan a Sustainable Tourism. Think about it!!

The global tourism sector is all set for a revival after surviving the destructive pandemic. As people getting their vaccines and governments easing the travel ban gradually, travellers are thrilled to hit the roads...

Future of Business Travel Post Covid

How business travel will transform post Covid?

The ghastly outbreak of Covid-19 has rattled the entire world. Several People have been enduring the gruesome phase of their life for over a year now. The pandemic hasn’t spared any business to survive...

have a safe trip in the Future

Travelling safely after getting fully vaccinated against Covid

The current situation in India has deeply worsened with the raging outbreak of Coronavirus. The nation is battling hard against the devastating second wave. The COVID-19 has brought normal life to a grinding halt...

stay home stay safe

Stay home and wait for your time eagerly to travel again

While we haven’t recovered yet from the havoc of 2020, the second wave has hit us severely again in India. The current situation looks a lot more grievous as medical professionals are stepping up...